YOGADA – The Mystery Unveiled

I dedicate this article to Marc Boney, my jyotish guru, who has taught me this great science of jyotish.  Without his guidance and teaching this article would not have been possible and I am forever indebted to him for his teachings.

Ever since I started learning astrology and got to know about the concept of yogada, I have always been very intrigued by it. There have been references of his concept in Jamini sutras as well as in Brihat Parashara Hora shastra. What remains a mystery is the timing of events using yogada planets/signs. My aim, with regards to this article is to invite astrologers to see the application of this concept in charts, and to judge for themselves if the concept holds true or not. I openly welcome people’s opinion or feedback on this matter and their experiences with yogada planets.

Yogada is a very powerful concept, the equivalent of “Yogakaraka” planet in the parashari system, to just let this concept languish and not make use of it would be a criminal act in the context of astrology.

It has taken me a long time to write this article, as the challenges faced were innumerable. The biggest problem is the calculation of Hora lagna (HL) Ghatika lagna (GL) and Bhava Lagna(BL).  Even a slight change in time would change the three signs. In addition to that, the calculation is based on sunrise time and different softwares take different sunrise time and thus have the three lagnas HL GL and BL placed in different signs. To overcome this obstacle the first thing I did was to take AA certified charts from Astrodatabank and use only those charts in which HL GL and BL were in the same signs in Parashara light and Shri Jyotish star, two of the most reputed and widely used astrological softwares.

The second challenge was the application of the concept itself. The sutras state that a planet is considered a yogada when it aspects the HL GL BL, the natal ascendant as well as the 7th house in the natal chart as well as navamsha (D9) and Drekenna (D3). In addition to that there should be an unobstructed argala to the yogada planet. The higher the number of yogada planets the better it is in a chart.

Since I mentioned argala here, I will emphasize a little on it. Argala is formed by planets falling 2nd, 4th and 11th from a sign. If there are planets in 12th , 10th or 3rd then the argala is not formed. If the argala being formed is unobstructed then it is very favourable condition, if it is formed by benefics in good condition, then its even better.

I have to say, in my research, I have yet to see a chart where this concept applies completely, but as my jyotish guru , Marc Boney always emphasizes, use the concept liberally and not literally , and I truly believe that if we do not do so, no new research will ever take place.

Now coming to the most important aspect, I have taken yogada planet as one that at least aspects the HL GL and the natal lagna in the birth chart. Trust me, even finding these are a challenge.

After looking at over 300 charts, I was able to gather a few charts where I have found yogada planets, and my observations are as follows.

  • The time period of signs containing the yogada planets can be particularly good. Please keep in mind we are only talking about Jaimini aspects in this article.

  • The time period of a sign from where the yogada planet falls 10th, can be a period of great rise.

  • Specially for politicians and rulers, the time period of a sign from where the yogada planet falls 7th, can be very fruitful.

What has to be remembered as well is the qualification of the planet and the sign to judge the strength in order to determine the result a planet or a sign will give.

Any planet that is exalted, in own sign, a great friend’s sign , vargotamma, involved in an exchange or has directional strength can give results very powerfully. Additionally if it has similar strength in navamsha and other divisional charts, the potency of the planet increases exponentially. What I would like to add here is that debilitated planets in the right condition can give pretty extra ordinary results as well. A whole paper would have to be written on that, so we will just let that be.

Coming to the Jaimini sysyem, a sign gains strength if it has benefics placed in Kendra from it. An additional source of strength is if the sign is aspected by Jupiter and Mercury . Here we are talking about Jaimini aspects only. In addition to this, any sign getting argala from  more than 2 planets gains strength, if the argala is a shubh aragala then it becomes even better.  I apply trikona argala to charts as well.

After seeing the strength of the planet and the sign , one should pay special attention to the sign containing the Amatyakaraka (AMK) or from where AMK falls 10th, that period can be special for career rise.

In light of these parameters lets look at charts to see when yogada planets give results.

Illustration 1

          DOB: August 20, 1944. 8:11 am Mumbai, India

          Longitude- 72E49’  Latitude  18N58’

Macintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Rajiv Gandhi N.pngMacintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Rajiv Gandhi S.png

This is the chart of former Prime Misnister of India, Rajiv Gandhi.  It is quite an extra ordinary chart with all the benefics falling in the lagna with a strong lagna lord.  What is really remarkable to see is that all five planets in the lagna become yogada.  His HL is leo and GL is libra.  The sign leo itself contains all the benefics including mercury and Jupiter. Leo gets unobstructed argala from mars in the 2nd house and Saturn in the 11th house. We will not dwell into the malefic hemming of Leo and the argala being formed by malefics only, as the idea here is to see how clearly the concept of yogada planet applies and how we can time events.

Keep in mind this is a chart of a politician, in his case a reluctant one, none the less he did become a politician. How he became one is rather tragic. His mother, Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, was shot down by her own body guards. This unfortunate accident happened on the morning of 31st October 1984, later that day Rajiv Gandhi was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India. He was running the Aquaruius mahadasha which started on August 20th 1984. From Aquarius all the yogada planets fall in the 7th house.

Illustration 2

          DOB: August 8, 1830. 9:15 am Vienna, Austria

          Longitude- 16E22’  Latitude  48N12

Macintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Franz Joseph N.pngMacintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Franz Joseph S.png

Here is a chart of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. He was the longest running emperor of Austria and the king of Hungary, as well as the third longest reining monarch of any country in European history, who ruled for 68 years. The concentration planets in the 12th house will make any one doubt the validity of the horoscope, but remember that he was born in royalty and the birth time of royalties have been well documented. He became a very young emperor at the age of 18 on 2nd December 1848. It was the mahadasha of saggitarius and the antardasha of Gemini. With the HL falling in saggitaruis and GL in Gemini, Jupiter and mars become yokaraka planets. His ascent to the thrown took place in Saggitatarius which has Jupiter the yogada planet and the antardasha of Gemini, from where Jupiter falls 7th.

Illustration 3

         DOB: May 24, 1819. 4:04 am London, UK

          Longitude- 00W07’  Latitude  51N30’

Macintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Queen Victoria N.pngMacintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Queen Victoria S.png

Keeping with our theme of royalties and politicians, here is the chart of queen Victoria of England. She ruled for 63 years and her reign was called the Victorian era due the prosperity and industrialization that took place in her time. Her rule commenced in June of 1837. In chara dasha it was the Aries period. Now did you notice any thing special with regards to this period? Aries has two benefics and Jupiter another benefic falls in the 10th from it. So from aries, the Kendras have only benefics in them. Also Jupiter here is doubly important, it becomes the AMK falling in the 10th from Aries. Now the most important part with regards to this article, Jupiter becomes a true yogada, it aspects the HL GL BL natal lagna and the 7th house.  It was the Aries period with Jupiter, a yogada planet falling 10th from it when she became a queen.

Illustration 4

          DOB: August 4, 1961. 7:24 pm Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

          Longitude- 157W51’30   Latitude  21N8’25

Macintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Barak Obama N.pngMacintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Barak Obama S.png

Our last illustration in the line of politicians/rulers is that of President Barack Obama. To truly appreciate Barak Obama’s chart one has to look at his Navamsha where we have great dignity for most of the planets. But sticking to the natal chart, he became the president in 2008. It was his Aquarius period, now focus on mars in the 8th house, which is 7th from Aquaruius, it becomes a yogada planet aspecting the HL GL and the natal lagna. This is a very important factor which should not be over looked.

Illustration 5

          DOB: Febury 18, 1954. 2:53 pm Englewood, New Jersey, USA

          Longitude- 73W58’21  Latitude  40N53’34

Macintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:John Travolta N.pngMacintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:John Travolta S.png

Staying in the stratosphere of royalties but taking it down a notch we come to galaxy of stars, the first of which is a Hollywood movie star John Travolta.  Travolta was a struggling actor/singer in Hollywood in the early seventies. He played a character in the TV series, Welcome back, Kotter, but his stardom was unremarkable compared to what he achieved shortly afterwards. In 1977, became a sensation with Saturday night fever and then in 1978 he cemented his fame with the release of Grease.  Both films were amongst the most commercially successful films of the decade. This breakthrough came in the Taurus mahadasha. There are many factors for this, AMK, mercury in the 10th along with sun the planet of celebrity. Moon in the 4th house a kendra and venus mercury the 10th house again a kendra from Taurus, but what should also be noticed that Jupiter in Taurus along with all the planets in aquarius are yogada planets. So now we have a yogada planet in the house whose mahadasha is in operaration and then we have three planets in the 10th from the mahadasha period. It simply was a fantastic period for him. John Travolta has had success even afterwards, but never came close to the stardom that was achieved during the Taurus period.

Illustration 6

          DOB: June 1, 1926. 9:30 am Los Angles, California, USA

          Longitude- 118W14’37  Latitude  34N03’08

Macintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Marilyn Monroe N.pngMacintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Marilyn Monroe S.png

Here is another chart of a Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe. Do you see the similarity with that of John Travolta’s chart.  Like Travolta she too has Cancer lagna and her AMK, Mars, goes in the 8th house. From Taurus, which has a benefic, there is AMK in the 10th with another benefic Jupiter. Now focus in on Taurus. It has GL ,mercury as well as Sun are aspecting the GL, natal lagna and the HL in libra. It was exactly her Taurus period which kick started the ascent for her from relative obscurity to immortal fame.

Illustration 7

          DOB: April 14, 1941. 5:45 am Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

          Longitude- 84W27’25  Latitude  39N09’43

Macintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Pete Rose N.pngMacintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:Pete Rose S.png

Moving on from Hollywood but still keeping up with the stars, here is one who certainly achieved baseball immortality . This is the chart of Pete Rose who holds the record for the maximum number of hits in major league baseball along with a whole host of records. Do you notice any thing unusual about his horoscope? There are three exalted planets and three debilitated planets. Since his ascendant is Pisces, a dual sign, containing his GL HL and BL, so all the planets in Pisces namely Mercuy and Venus will become true yogadas. Do you want to guess which period brought him the stardom? You would be absolutely correct if you guessed Gemini, from where both yogada planets fall in the 10th, plus there is an unobstructed argala from Jupiter, Saturn and sun from the 2nd house, exalted mars from the 11th and moon from the 9th house. It was indeed a superb period for Pete rose where he won 3 world series and was the MVP of the national league. His team in the 70’s, the Cincinnati Reds, are considered one of the best teams of all time.

Illustration 8

          DOB: July 7, 1981. 11:15 am Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

          Longitude- 85E20’  Latitude  23N21’

Macintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:M S Dhoni N.pngMacintosh HD:Users:divyasinghs:Desktop:M S Dhoni S.png

Here is another chart with dual sign and that too a sports person from a different field. This is Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s chart, the captain of the Indian cricket team. His horoscope is very powerful with moon being aspected by four planets forming a tremendous Jaimini rajyoga. His HL is in Saggitarius and BL as well as GL are in Virgo, so all the planets in virgo and Gemini become yogadas. From a relative outsider, Dhoni not only captured the imagination of the team but that of the entire country.  You guessed it right, it happened in the Sagittarius period from where three of the five yogada planets fall 10th and the remaining two aspect the 10th. Like I mentioned before as well, yogada planet is not the only factor, but I truly believe it is one of the major contributors to a period which can promise great results under the right circumstances.


As per my research, one should definitely make a note of the signs containing the yogada planets, if the planets have strength and there are other factors supporting a career rise of then the results can be quite spectacular. These periods can represent something of a peak in a person’s life, it can make a person more of a star than he or she has ever been.

Rohit Shanker

Copyright: All rights recerved 2017

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