TWO NEGATIVES MAKE A POSITIVE - Debilitated planets in dushthanna give a rajyoga

I dedicate this article to Marc Boney, my jyotish guru, who has taught me this great science of jyotish.  Without his guidance and teaching this article would not have been possible and I am forever indebted to him for his teachings.

We have all been told that two negative makes a positive. But have we really ever seen an example of this in our lives. I guess not. But here I am going to show you something on those lines which you would think is magic. And for that to be considered magic, you would have to revise two principles of astrology. The first principle states that debilitated planets do not give good results and the second principle states that planets placed in dushtanna (3,6,8, 12) do not give good results. But then this is where the magic happens. Note this carefully, Debilitated planets placed in dushthanna or owning a dushthanna can give amazing results, this is a Parashara exception. Now for this to happen there is a pre condition. The precondition is that the debilitated planet must get neech bhanga rajyoga. Now this can happen in multiple ways.

  1. The debilitated planet is involved in an exchange

  2. The debilitated planet is exalted in the navamsha

  3. The debilitated planet is with an exalted planet

  4. The dispositor of the debilitated planet is conjunct or aspects the debilitated planet

  5. The exaltation lord of the debilitated planet is conjunct or aspects the debilitated planet

  6. The dispositor of the debilitated planet falls in a Kendra from lagna or the moon

  7. The exaltation lord of the debilitated planet falls in a Kendra from the lagna or the moon

  8. The planet that gets exalted in the sign of the debilitated planet is in a Kendra from the lagna or the moon

  9. The debilitated planet is aspected by another debilitated planet

What needs to be noted here is that debilitated planets gets neech bhanga rajyogas in multiple ways. The first two conditions are the strongest ways in which a planet gets neech bhanga. If the first two conditions are not met then you look to apply as many conditions as possible from the list and the more the number of conditions that are applicable, the better the quality of neech bhanga rajyoga.

I would like share with you one key piece of observation for planets that get neecha bhanga rajyoga. These planets are debilitated and due to the cancellation they give very good wordly success, but mentally and emotionally they are problematic.  So definitely keep that aspect in mind.


This is the chart of Tina Turner the famous singer. Now focus on her Saturn and its condition. Lets start with the negative first, Saturn in debilitated, it is also retrograde and on rahu ketu axis.  So we covered all the negatives right, Wrong, look closer, see the degrees of Saturn, it is in gandanta. Now you must be wondering that how can a planet with such a terrible condition give good results. Well here’s the magic, Saturn rules the 8th house, a dushthana, it is debilated in a Kendra and involved in an exchange. Remember two negatives making a positive. So what we get is the precondition being fulfilled by Saturn. Due to it being involved in an exchange it gives a neecha bhanga rajyoga but the other yoga occurring simultaneously is the parashara exception which really adds to the picture. The last thing that I would like for you to see is something very nice going on with Saturn. Do you see two benefics on both sides of it. This is a very powerful benefic hemming in which two very strong benefic planets are involved, this really boosts up the quality of Saturn.  During her Saturn period, Tina Turner sang many hits songs, and was a inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame and also had a Guinness world record for having sold more concert tickets than any other solo performer in history.


This is the chart of business man Robert Kraft, who is the owner of the Kraft Group and also the owner of the New England Patriots. Do you see any similarity in this horoscope and Tina Turner’s horoscope.  Both have a debilitated Saturn, and it is involved in an exchange with mars. So there is a clear and strong neech bhanga rajyoga in which Saturn is involved.  Now the parashara’s exception, see that Saturn in this chart owns the 3rd house, a dushthanna, so as per the rule, it will give very good results, which it did. Robert Kraft started and grew his business tremendously during this period.

This chart belongs to the former Mayor of New York and the owner of Bloomberg TV, Michael Bloomberg. First see the clear cut neech bhanga rajoyoga. Satrun’s dispositor is Mars and its in the strongest kendra in its own house and conjunct with saturn. Do note that this Kendra position is from the lagna as well as the moon. The exaltation lord of Saturn in venus (since Saturn is exalted in libra), it is in a Kendra from the moon and lagna..  Then the planet that gets exalted in Aries is Sun, which is again in Kendra from moon and lagna. So this Saturn gets neech bhanga rajyoga many times over. Now see the parashara exception. Saturn rules the eighth house so being debilitated and ruling the eighth house it will give very good results. Michael Bloomberg’s career success coincided perfectly with the Saturn mahadasha. It was during this time that he stated his business and made it into a global empire for business news broadcasting.


The last chart in this article belongs to Bernard Arnault, the famous owner of the luxury brand LVMH. His horoscope has some very high quality rajyoga and dhanyogas. But we will leave that for now and focus on his Jupiter. Its is debilitated, but its debility gets cancelled many times over. It is also vargotamma and the most important part, it’s the eighth lord debilitated, in a dushthanna house. This makes Jupiter a real powe house. And it did give its result very strongly, propelling Bernard Arnault to expand his business and create an empire which later made him a billionaire.


By Rohit Shanker

Copyright: All rights reserved 2017


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