As a teacher of Jyotisha I have been blessed with many outstanding students from all over the world.. Rohit Shanker is among the very best I have encountered.  Through his many years of dedicated study he has gained a great proficiency in both the Parashara and Jaimini system, which he combines to gain deep insight into the karmic potentials represented in a birth chart, and then to accurately predict events.  At the rate that I have seen him progress as an outstanding jyotishi, it would not surprise me if the student exceeded the teacher someday.  

Marc Boney



I am not a big believer of astrology or of stars predicting your future and retelling your past . But when life throws curve balls at you, you are ready to try anything. 
I had heard good reviews about Rohit's predictions from some members of my family . And hesitantly ,I did approach him to give me some insight about my future. Suprisingly, certain things that he divulged about my past and personality  were haughtingly accurate. Hence ,it did make me a little bit more receptive towards his predictions about the future. He forecasted how my life would unfold in the near future personally and professionally. I also showed him the  birth chart of my very good friend and Rohit was able to fortell the changes in his  professional course down to the month (very impressive).  He also revealed information about his other  aspirations , his father's and brother's health . Information which is even unbeknown to me.
Even though I entered in this process a skeptic and my rational mind forces me to not believe in astrology all together . I can not deny Rohit's gift . He is very talented and has an acute knowledge of astrology. I must also thank him for being  so patient and giving quality time to provide me correct information.

Malvika Singh


I have had my horoscope readings done a few times before. I can say with ease that Rohit is the most thorough, attentive and wise horoscope expert I have met. Needless to say, he is very competent, having trained several hundreds in the art of Vedic Horoscopy. I was very impressed by the time he took to understand the situation, the effort he put in to make sure that the initial set of conditions were accurate, and in the end, by the mature manner in which he related the readings. I highly recommend him.

Praveer Gupta


I have been consulting Rohit on astrology for quite sometime. His in depth knowledge of astrology & analysis of my birthchart has always been very helpful to me in many phases of my life. Rohit’s predictions & remedies are SPOT ON !! I would like to thank him for all his advice & guidance in my tough times.

Mohit Arora



I have met numerous astrologers in the last 20 years, some of which were very well known and quite impressive when it comes to reading your charts and guessing past events like life-changing moments, change of residence, job change, and what not. I think of it as a way an astrologer can gain your confidence by telling you what might have happened in the past, and you will believe what s/he says about your future. Anyone reading this testimonial must have experienced something similar.

What makes Rohit Shanker different from others is that instead of trying to gain your confidence, he used the readings to confirm whether your birth time and details are correct or not. In my case he was able to find a difference of about 7 minutes from the time on my birth certificate (which according to him, did make a significant difference). Following which he was able to pinpoint on past dates, and also suggest expected future events, which did happen in the exact sequence as he suggested.

This only confirms his control and understanding of astrology as well as the accuracy of the techniques he uses for his readings. Also, he spends a great amount of time to understand and explain everything to you. Highly recommended.

Raakesh Blokhra



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