MY OWN BOSS - Article on Entrepreneurship

I dedicate this article to Marc Boney, my jyotish guru, who has taught me this great science of jyotish.  Without his guidance and teaching this article would not have been possible and I am forever indebted to him for his teachings.

Have you ever thought about doing a business, or if you are already in a family business, did you ever wonder why you continued with the family business and not work for someone in a field you really wanted to, or on the contrary if you are working for someone, and want to branch out on your own, what would be an opportune time to do so. Well in this article, we try to answer those questions.  Before we do so, let me just tell you that this is an original research based on studying many chart and then concluding a pattern which is applicable to most.

In astrology Mars is considered the planet of aggression and mercury the planet for business and commerce, also Saturn is the planet for service as well as tradition. 2nd and 11th houses/lords rule finance and the 3rd house/lord rules enterprise. Lastly the kama trikona are houses 3, 7 and 11. So remember these points and lets start with the parameters.

  1. Mars and mercury should combine by placement, conjunction or aspect

  2. Mars and Mercury should connect with 2nd and 11th house/lord

  3. Aspect of mars of 10th house

  4. 3rd lord should combine by placement, conjunction or aspect with the 11th house/lord

  5. Saturn should not aspect the 10th house/lord

The first chart presented here belongs to the richest man in the world and a person who has been an entrepreneur right from the get go. We are here talking about none other than Bill Gates. Take a look at the chart and see how many parameters fit the chart. Mars and an exalted mercury combine in the 4th house to form a dhan yoga. Mars as the 11th lord with mercury is in mutual aspect with moon the 2nd lord, so mars and mercury connect with the 2nd and 11th lords. Mars aspects the 10th house. Sun as the 3rd lord, being in the 5th, aspects the 11th house.

Lastly Saturn does not aspect the 10th house or the lord. So all the parameters fit in toto.

The next chart we have belongs to the billionaire owner of Turner Television, Ted Turner. See the exchange between mars and mercury. It’s a 1-11 exchange, forming a very powerful dhan yoga. Also just want to stress on one point here. An exchange is one of the most powerful ways by which two planets can be connected.  Coming to the 2nd parameter, mercury is the lord of the 11th house and mars is placed there. Mars aspects the 2nd house from the 11th. With regards to Mars aspecting the 10th house, that does not happen here, but there is a subtle connection with sun the 10th lord. Mars is in Hasta nakshatra ruled by Sun the 10th lord.  Saturn the 3rd lord aspects the 11th  house and lastly saturn does not aspect the 10th house or the 10th lord. So most of the paramaters fit the chart

Staying with the theme of successful billionaires who have been entrepreneurs, here is the chart of Robert Kraft, the owner of New England Patriots, an NFL team as well as Kraft papers. Mars and mercury do not form a connection here, but mars aspects the 11th house and mercury aspects the 2nd house. Mars also aspects the 10th house and the 10th lord from the 4th. Saturn, the 3rd lord aspects the 11th lord mercury. Lastly saturn does not aspect the 3rd house of the 3rd lord.

The next two examples that I am going to show you are slightly different. The difference between them and the previous three examples shown here is that saturn aspects the 10th house/lord in the examples that follow. This is a very crucial difference. Saturn is the servant, and if it makes a connection with the 10th house/lord, my research says, that a person will either work for someone before he or she starts their own business or they will work in their family business to begin with. So keeping that in mind lets see the next chart.

This chart belongs to the famous French man Bernard Arnault, the owner of LVMH. It is a tremendous chart with multiple rajyoga and dhanyoga because of which he is today one of the richest man on this planet.

Mars and mercury don’t have a connection, but mars aspects the 2nd house and mercury is the lord of the 2nd and 11th house. Mars aspects the 10th house and is also conjunct the 10th lord venus.  The 3rd lord here does not make any connection with the 11th lord or the house. Lastly, coming to Saturn, it aspects the 10th lord and the 10th house. If you read Bernard Arnault’s story, you will know that he started his business career in his fathers construction company. Note the effect of saturn here making him work in his family business. On a separate note, see the 9th lord mars, representing his father, involved in very high quality rajyogas, giving his family a very elevated status.

Lastly, given here is the chart of the former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, who also happens to be a very successful media entrepreneur by virtue of being the owner of Bloomberg TV. Mars and mercury do not make a connection and only mercury is connected with the 11th lord, with mars having no connection with either the 2nd or 11th lord or houses. Mars how ever, by virtue of its placement does aspect the 10th house. Also mercury the 3rd lord is conjunct venus the 11th lord. Now focus on Saturn, its in the 10th house with the 10th lord. Michael Bloomberg worked in the banking industry for many years before he started Bloomberg TV. So do keep this important point.

Before I end here, one question that is always asked is when can I start my own business. The answer to that is, when you run the period of a planet in the 3rd house or connected with the 3rd house/lord.

I hope that this article provides you with some insight on the parameters to look for when asked about starting a business. I encourage feedback about the article and any insights that you might have to build upon this research.


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