Mr BROWNSTONE - Article on addiction

I dedicate this article to Marc Boney, my jyotish guru, who has taught me this great science of jyotish.  Without his guidance and teaching this article would not have been possible and I am forever indebted to him for his teachings.

As the title of this article might suggest, this is not a write up on a person by last name Brownstone, this is rather a title of a very famous song by one of my favorite bands, Guns n Roses. This was one of their first songs and it deals with heroin addiction. One of the most popular lines in the song is "I used to do a little, but a little wouldn't do, so the little got more and more. I just keep trying to get a little better, said a little better than before". And just by the way if you are wondering why is a song about heroin addiction called Mr Brownstone, well that’s because Brownstone is slang for heroin.

In cases of addiction, may it be of substance like, cocaine, heroin, pain killer pills or alcohol, the end result is always the same. The person who is an addict suffers tremendous harm mentally and physically. Not only do they go through hell but all the people associated with them suffer as well.

My main objective of writing this article is to invite astrologers to give their input on this topic so that we can come to derive some concrete theory and parameters by which we can predict addiction well in advance. This way we can help the person by warning his family members so that they might be able to take some precautionary measures from their side.


  1. The lagna/lagna lord has to be afflicted

  2. Jupiter has to be afflicted and aspects the lagna

  3. 2nd house and 2nd lord is afflicted

  4. Malefic moon makes a PAC with the 2nd house / lord

  5. Rahu and or Mars is connected to 1st or 2nd house or the lords

  6. 5th house/5th lord is afflicted

I will discuss the rationale behind each parameter.

In the first case lagna or lagna lord is afflicted. We all know that lagna is the person himself, so any affliction to that would harm the body physically and mentally. The association of the lagna lord with 6,8,12 houses or loads would have similar effect.  The aspect of malefics on to the lagna/lagna lord would have the same affect. Also we have to take note of the finer aspects with regards to lagna and lagna lord, like if it is in gandanta or debilitated or combust or in a pap kartari yoga.

The second parameter deals with an afflicted Jupiter.  Jupiter is the karka for wisom, righteousness and idealism, when it is afflicted it does not give any of these qualities.  Here afflicted refers to any of the conditions that are mentioned with regards to the lagna/ lagna lord in the earlier paragraph.  On top of that if Jupiter is a functional malefic for a lagna the problem is compounded.

2nd house is the house of family and food. It relates to the food we consume. Any affliction to this house or it’s lord will contaminate the food that we consume. If it’s a planet like Rahu or Mars, which represents poison then the contamination can be that much more severe.

Staying with the 2nd house, the planets that we need to watch carefully are Moon, Rahu and Mars. Lets take the moon first and foremost. Moon is the karaka for mind, it is also represents food and chemicals. A malefic moon making PAC(placement, aspect or conjunction)with 2nd house and 2nd lord can show the wrong kind of food (poison, chemicals, alcohol) being consumed. Now coming to Rahu and Mars, Rahu is considered as poison in vedic astrology, and with Mars they are the two worst malefics.  So these planets being associated with the 2nd house or its lord shows the intake of poison.

The last parameter deals with the 5th house/lord. In astrology the 5th house represents intellect, children, romance, emotions and discrimination. I also believe that it represents habits. It has been observed more often than not, a person who is addicted, is emotionally unstable and is not able to discriminate the right from the wrong, making their situation even worse. So the afflictions to 5th house and its lord can create addiction in a person.

Example 1

DOB: August 23rd,1970. 12:03, Madras, Oregon, USA

Long/Lat: 121W07’46 / 44N38’

Dasha Balance: Sun-Mer-Moon


This is the chart of River Phoenix, a child phenom, who was a singer and an actor, but unfortunately the world could not see his true potential, as he died very young at the age of 23 due to drug overdose. If you see his chart, Jupiter is in the lagna, which is very good, but do you see the afflictions. Jupiter is the worst malefic for Libra lagna. It is aspected by a debilitated Saturn and a debilitated Mars. Moreover Jupiter is in the sign of an enemy. The lagna lord venus is debilitated and goes to the 12th with the 12th lord. So the first 2 paramaters apply in toto in this case. Now come to the very important parameter with regards to Moon. Moon in this case aspects the 2nd house, it is exalted but again it is in a dushthana. Look at the 2nd lord Mars, it is not only debilitated but it is in gandanta as well. Now coming to the 5th house, it has Rahu(poision) in it and on top of that it is aspected by a debilitated Mars. Rahu is in its own nakshatra. The 5th lord Saturn is again debilitated. So this chart really embodies all the parameters that I have outlined for addiction. It’s rather tragic that a young man with so much potential had to depart so early. I guess only the theory of karma can explain this as we analyze the karma’s map (horoscope) to do a post event analysis.

Example 2

DOB: May 27th, 1965. 12:21, San Francisco, California, USA

Long/Lat: 122W25’41 / 37N46’30

Dasha Balance: KE-VE-SA

This is the chart of another actor, Todd Bridges. He battled cocaine addiction in his 20’s and had a host of legal problems as well. If you see his chart, the lagna is aspected by Mars and Saturn, the lagna lord is on rahu ketu axis, with Jupiter the 8th lord and Venus the 3rd lord. Now focus on Jupiter, do you see anything malefic. Jupiter is deeply combust and it is forming a guru chandal yoga with Rahu. Another subtle point to note here is that planets in a kendra from another planet exert their influence. See the kendras from Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn are placed there. Jupiter being in the sign of its enemy does not help here either. Coming to the moon now, its conjunct mercury the 2nd lord and it has a whole lot its own issues. First and foremost its a very dark moon, it is also in gandanta and on top of that it is aspcted by Saturn. The last parameter, which deals with the 5th house, has already been covered earlier since Jupiter is the 5th lord and we have already discussed its situation.

Example 3

DOB: May 11, 1958. 19:36, Los Angeles, California, USA

Long/Lat: 118W14’37 / 34N03’08

Dasha Balance: RA-ME-SA

There is a very famous saying, “be careful what you wish for”. This chart is the embodiment of this exact saying. It belongs to Christian Brando, and if you did not know who he was, it would not be a bad guess to go by the famous last name. Yes, you are right, he was the son of Hollywood superstar, Marlon Brando. But his life was one of the most tragic stories you will ever read. Away from all the glitz and the glitterati, all Christian wanted was to lead a normal life, but I guess when you have such a powerful father, its not an easy wish to fulfill. This powerful and successful father can be seen from the exalted Sun forming a dhan yoga also a combination of the 9th and the 11th lord.

But staying with the parameters of addiction, as Christian became an alcoholic and a LSD user in his teens. Do you see anything similar here that you have seen in previous charts. It’s the afflicted lagna/lord. The lagna lord is exalted here, but see the bad 1-6 exchange with Jupiter. Plus lagna is on the Rahu Ketu axis. Jupiter here is the worst malefic, which is again forming a guru chandal yoga and is also retrograde. Moon here is again very problematic, it is dark, with the 2nd lord Mars aspected by Saturn and in the nakshatra of Rahu.  Marlon Brando said that his son was a “basket case of emotional disorder”. See how afflicted moon, the karka of mind plays itself out in his case. Lastly the 5th lord/house, the saving grace here is the aspect of Saturn, the ruler of 5th on to its own 5th house. But the aspect of Mars and Moon both in the nakshatra of Rahu is an affliction on to the 5th house.

Example 4

DOB: May 27, 1976. 16:51. Van Nuys, California, USA

Long/Lat: 118W26’56 / 34N11’12

Dasha Balance: SU- RA-MA

This is the chart of Christopher Golly. A young boy, who died very young, at the age of 17 by taking a gun and shooting himself in the head. His mother had died from drug overdose when he was 13 years old. Here again we have a libra lagna, which means that Jupiter becomes a functional malefic, and it is aspecting the lagna and is on the rahu ketu axis forming a quasi guru chandal yoga. The lagna is aspected by a debilitated mars as well. Here moon is exalted but it is in the 8th house, aspecting the 2nd, and moreover it’s a very dark waning moon. The 2nd lord mars, as we discussed is debilitated and with another malefic Saturn. This same mars aspects on the 5th house and is conjunct the 5th lord. Lastly remember what I had said about planets placed in Kendra from another planet. Now see Jupiter, only malefics are placed in Kendra from Jupiter as well as the lagna.

Example 5

DOB: June 21, 1958. 8:21. Los Angeles, California, USA

Long/Lat: 118W14’37 / 34N03’08

Dasha Balance: KE-KE-RA

The chart here belongs to Eric Douglas. He had a famous father, Kirk Douglas, and an even famous brother, Michael Douglas.  Here again is an example of a life gone astray. He died very young, at the age of 46 due to drug overdose. Focus on this chart, his lagna lord Moon is in the 2nd house in a friendly sign, but see the affliction, the moon is in gandanta aspected by Saturn the 8th lord, which is again in gandanta. Moon’s dispositor Sun, goes to the 12th with the 12th lord and aspected by a malefic mars. So sun and moon here bring out the afflictions to 1st and 2nd lord. Jupiter here is not bad and forms a rather good rajyoga with Mars, but it is the 6th lord in a mild dushthana. And finally the 5th house has the malefic Saturn.

Example 6

DOB: March 26, 1962. 12:26. Springfield, Illinois, USA

Long/Lat: 89W38’37 / 39N48’06

Dasha Balance: SA-RA-JU

Kevin Seitzer was a major league baseball player in America who struggled with alcohol addiction, but is now clean. The lagna lord Moon is debilitated and it’s dispositor goes to the 8th house. The lagna itself is on the rahu ketu axis and is aspected by Saturn the 8th lord. The 2nd lord Sun is aspected by a strong malefic Saturn which is also the 8th lord. Jupiter here is the 6th lord in the 8th house with the 3rd and 12th lord mercury. The fifth lord mars goes to the 8th conjunct 3rd, 6th and 12th lords.

Example 7

DOB: June 7, 1956. 22:40. De Soto Village, Mississippi, USA

Long/Lat: 90W00’15 / 34N56’45

Dasha Balance: MO-JU-SA

This is the chart of Boney Lee Bakely who became a celebrity by virtue of her marriage. She had a famous marriage to Robert Blake, which was also her 9th marriage. Again a case of a tragic life which ended up with her death at the age of 44, when she was shot. She had been arrested couple of times for selling drugs and was a habitual user as well. The lagna lord Saturn aspects its own house. This gives it strength, but it is on the rahu ketu axis aspected by the 8th lord sun. Saturn here doubles up as the 2nd lord and its in an exchange with Mars the 11th lord forming a good dhan yoga, but mars being the 11th lord is a malefic for this lagna and its placement in the 2nd house where it is also aspected by Jupiter, the 3rd and 12th lord has its own story to tell. Jupiter in this chart is in the 8th house in gandanta, and again see the kendras from Jupiter, all the malefics are placed there. Coming to moon, it is exalted and forming some nice rajyogas, but it is a very dark moon aspected by Saturn and Mars and on the rahu ketu axis. Since moon is in the 5th house we have already covered the afflictions to that house, and now we see the 5th lord in a dushthana. Also note the degrees of venus and rahu, they don’t aspect but venus being in rahu’s nakshatra and on the same degrees as rahu will give the results of rahu.

Example 8

DOB: Mar 22, 1913. 4:20. Toledo, Ohio, USA

Long/Lat: 83W33’19 / 41N39’50

Dasha Balance: SU-VE-VE

Here is the of Charles E Dederich, who was very famous back in USA back in 60’s and 70’s because of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that he started in California. He had himself faced alcohol abuse early on in his life. See the aspect of Mars and Saturn on the lagna. Saturn here is a contradiction, as it aspects its own house. The 2nd house has the influence of rahu and ketu, the 8th lord mercury and the aspect of 6th lord moon. Moon here being the 6th lord goes to the 8th on rahu ketu axis aspected by the 8th lord. Again remember one of the important parameters regarding moon, it aspects the 2nd house. Since mercury is the ruler of the 5th house and debilitated with the malefic configuration that we have already discussed, this brings the 5th house in play. Lastly I would like to point out that Jupiter here is not bad and that could have been the reason why Charles Dederich was able to get over his problems and help thousand of other people.

Example 9

DOB: Feb 22, 1975. 11:51. California, USA

Long/Lat: 118W17’07 / 34N01’25

Dasha Balance: JU-ME-SU

Coming to the last chart, I wanted to end this article on a happy note amongst all the doom and gloom. That is the least I can do being a student of my jyotish guru Marc Boney, the rosy astrologer. The rahu ketu axis covers the lagna, the good part is that lagna lord is exalted forming a very good dhan yoga with Jupiter. The 2nd house has the influence of Saturn and the 2nd lord is aspected by a vey strong mars. Moon, here again makes a connection with the 2nd house. The 5th house has the influence of 2 benefics, both strong, but see the lordships, Venus rules the 6th and Jupiter rules the 8th. The 5th lord like we already mentioned is conjunct a very strong mars. Lastly as in the case of Charles Dederich, Jupiter here rules 2 dushthanas, but Jupiter being strong without the influence of malefics is the reason Drew Barrymore overcame her addiction and became a very successful actor and a producer.

I have given here nine horoscopes of people who were addicts; some were able to overcome their problem and some unfortunately succumbed to it. I hope and pray that lord Jupiter bestows its benefic aspect on to you and keeps you healthy and hearty.


By Rohit Shanker

Copyright: All rights reserved 2017


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