MEGHAN MARKEL'S CHART - How to determine the correct lagna

I dedicate this article to Marc Boney, my jyotish guru, who has taught me this great science of jyotish.  Without his guidance and teaching this article would not have been possible and I am forever indebted to him for his teachings.

Let me begin this article by showing you two horoscopes (chart 1 &2) given below in north and south Indian style. It belongs to two different people who were born four minutes apart on the 4th of August 1981 at Canoga Park, California. One person was born at 4:42 am and the other at 4:46am, and one of these people is Meghan Markel, the future wife of Prince Harry. So take a look and put your astrology caps on and decide which chart belongs to Meghan Markel.


                                 Chart 1          


                                Chart 2

Now keep in mind that her time comes from her birth certificate, which is not to say that it cannot be off by a few minutes, and that is precisely why I choose to write this article. Meghan Markel’s ascendant falls right on the border of Gemini and cancer and in her case a few minutes changes the whole picture. So lets explore and see if her time of 4:46 is accurate or not. We will do this by analyzing the static potential in the birth chart for both lagnas and then also applying different dashas to confirm the events in her life.

So going by the static potential of both charts, the first one with Gemini ascendant looks very enticing with the gajkaseri yoga in the 4th house and the exchange between 2nd and 4th lord all the signs pointing towards a palatial home and riches to go along with a dharma karma adhipati yoga with Saturn and Jupiter on the 4-10 axis which also involves the 7th lord. Looks convincing, isn’t it. But hold on, lets investigate further and lets do this step by step. And keep in mind that very few bio facts and life events are available to us at this point.

Lagna and Lagna Lord:

The foundation of a chart is a strong lagna and a strong lagna lord. In case of chart 1 we see that the lagna is aspected by mars and Saturn and the lagna lord is on rahu ketu axis. So there are some serious blemishes which could result in chronic health issue. But I do have to mention that there are very strong factors for cancellation as well. Mercury, the lagna lord is involved in an exchange in the D1 and the D9 chart which makes this planet very strong. The lagna itself is vargotamma. So these factors would downgrade the malefic influence considerably.

Chart no 2 has cancer ascendant. The lagna lord moon is involved in an exchange with mercury and placed in the third house with Jupiter and Saturn getting the aspect of mars. So we see the blemish here as well. The lagna also receives the aspect of rahu and ketu. But just like the first chart, even here we have very strong cancellation, the lagna is vargotamma and the lord is involved in an exchange.

Based on the factors above we cannot decide for sure which is the right lagna. So we move to the next parameter.


                           Chart 1 – D9

                       Chart 2 – D9

When it comes to marriage we have to look at the navamsha or the D9 chart. And the important dates to remember are given below

First Marriage – Sep 10, 2011

Divorce – August 2013

Proposed Marriage – May 2018

In vimshotarri dasha the period running during her first marriage was Rah-Ven-Mer. Now rahu venus or venus rahu periods are qualified marriage givers, irrespective of their placement in D1 or D9 so this becomes very tricky. And both navamshas would qualify as rahu and venus are together in the d9 chart. But if you look at the D1 chart then the cancer lagna makes more sense as Rahu and mercury both fall on the 1-7 axis. The second point with regards to cancer lagna is that in the d1 chart the rahu ketu falls on the 1-7 axis which would indicate a marriage to a foreigner. Now considering that Meghan is American and the Prince a British, this lagna fits better. The period of her marriage to Prince Harry is going to be Jup-Sat-Mer. Jupiter and Saturn period in capable of giving marriage in both lagna and both navamshas as Jupiter becomes the 7th lord in one lagna and Saturn in the other. So it’s a toss up. But one thing is for sure that after marriage she would move to England, and for moves we have to look at the 3rd house. See Jup and Sat in the 3rd house in the cancer lagna chart and mercury ruling the 3rd.  So I would give the advantage again to the cancer lagna.

Now one very important thing I want to highlight here. In the chart of royalties, in most cases, we have to look for rajyogas. Here most people would jump on the Gemini ascendant chart as it has the dharma karma adhipati yoga and the gajkesari yoga in the 4th. But let me remind you that for Gemini lagna the mere conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter does not produce a rajyoga as Jupiter suffers from kendradipati dosha and becomes a neutral and Saturn rules the 8th as well.

So come to the cancer ascendant now. Again Jupiter and Saturn by their mere conjunction do not form a rajyoga, but see what else is going on. Yes you spotted it correctly, the presence of moon, the lagna lord. Now this becomes a powerful 1-9, 1-7, and 9-7 rajyoaga. So you see the rajyoga period for her in JU-SA brought about by the virtue of her marriage, which is clearly seen with cancer lagna. But you know what, we will not stop here and we will go further. As an advanced student of jyotish, we all know that to really see rajyoags we have to look at navamsha also, not just to check the strength of the planets but to also see if the rajyogas increase or decrease. With the cancer ascendant see the tremendous rajyoga brought about the the exchange of Jupiter and mars which constitutes a dharma karma adhipati yoga. Then there is the Jupiter moon conjunction which is 1-9 rajyoga, moon Saturn, 1-7 rajyoga, venus mars, 4-5 rajyoga. Now you could also make a very strong case for Gemini lagna as you would have 1-9, 1-10, 9-10 rajyogas there, but the Kendra position of the planets tilt the balance in favor of the cancer lagna. Moreover another important event that took place in her life was her first divorce is Rahu Moon. In the D9 chart, rahu and moon are 1-8 from each other so this would be a tough time for marriage in any ascendant, but the fact that in cancer ascendant D9 chart moon gets aspected by Mercury Jupiter Saturn and which rule all the dushtannas namely 12, 3, 6 and 8. In the Gemini lagna d9 the situation is not even remotely close.

Now we come to the real test of navamsha. There is a navamsha based dahsa which is only applicable and works when the navamsha lagna is correct, and this is a jamini based dasha. So lets use that and see what we get.  For the Cancer lagna navamsha the entire period from August 4th 2009 to august 4th 2021 is encompassed by the libra mahadasha. From libra see the 7th house with DK Moon there, libra additionally get the aspect of Uppa Pada from leo and A7 from Taurus. So this entire period is very fruitful for marriage/relationship. In the Gemini ascendant navamasha the same period was covered by Capricon and later Taurus mahadasha. Now Taurus does not seem even close compared to what we see with libra in the cancer lagna ascendant. Moreover the DK moon falls in the 12th from Taurus.


As far as education goes we know that she studied theatre and international studies. Now the D24 chart, which is seen for education does not change, irrespective of which lagna you use.  So we don’t have much to go by there. But just sticking with the D1 chart, the Gemini lagna ascendant with venus ruling the 5th house shows better promise than the cancer lagna with mars as its lord and Saturn aspecting. Here the Gemini lagna would be a winner. But again we know that she did study abroad for some time during her under grad. The 5th lord mars in the 12th house is a clear indication of that. But oveall based on education I would give the edge to Gemini lagna.


Meghan has not had any children till date. She is 36 as of date and by the time she is married and has her first child, she would be close to 38. This is clearly a delayed child birth case. Now see the D1 chart first.  With Gemini lagna you have venus the 5th lord in 3rd unaspected and there are no infuences on the 5th house. With cancer lagna you have mars, the 5th lord going to the 12th and the 5th house being aspected by Saturn confirming the delay. But before we give the final verdict lets look at the D7 chart. With the Gemini lagna chart you get a D7 with saggitarius ascendant and the 5th lord mars is in 11th aspecting its own house and in return being aspected by Jupiter. This shows no issues with chid birth delays. On the other hand, with the cancer lagna chart, you get a D7 chart with capricon ascendant. The 5th lord venus goes to the 12th and the 5th house is aspected by Saturn mars and sun the 8th lord, very clearly indicating a delay.


                              Chart 1

                                Chart 2

Now this is a very small exercise in verifying the correct lagna, but in the absence of more information we will have to restrict our self to these parameters only. And based on my findings, I feel reasonably comfortable in saying that her birth time is quite accurate. But with that, I encourage you to always verify the birth chart before you give any predictions, otherwise it’s a futile exercise.

Rohit Shanker

Copyrigt: All rights reserved 2017


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