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One of the biggest concerns for parents of high school students is to find out how their children will perform academically. What will be their inclination, will they be more inclined towards sciences or towards business, or will they pursue an education in fine arts. All these questions can be answered very easily by seeing the pattering of the planets in a chart and help the person realize their true potential in studies so as to set them up for success in life. 



A few decades ago, moving abroad was a distant dream which only a handful were able to achieve. But in the modern times, and in hope for a better future a significant number of people move to foreign countries, either for a few year or even permanently. Based on your chart we can guide you and recommend a suitable time for moving abroad in order to maximize your gains through the relocation. 



It does not have to be restated that health is wealth and also the biggest point of concern for a family. Poor health can bring immense stress as well as financial burdens on a family. Bu studying your chart we can guide you and forewarn about ailments that might effect you and cause health related problems. If you have an ongoing health issue then we can advise corrective remedy like mantra or jaap which can work wonders when performed sincerely along with the doctor’s prescribed medicine and treatment. 



In today’s competitive world, every person dreams of the perfect job, that not only provides fame and fortune, but also enhances personal development.  Based on your chart we can accurately pin point the time period which could prove extremely fruitful where are able to maximize your potential based on your skill set and qualifications.



Buying a property is probably the biggest purchase of a person’s life. Based on your chart we can guide you to pick the right property at the right time. This will not only result in great financial gain, but also bring good luck and happiness to the entire family. 



Being your own boss is every person’s dream. Business owners are not only responsible for their own success, but also the success of tens and hundreds of people who are employed with them. Based on your planetary position we can guide you to invest your time and energy in a business that is best suited for you. We will also advise on the nature of business as well as the right time to expand or diversify.




We all need a life partner who can support us through the thick and thin of life. A good life partner is a great asset in a person’s personal growth and wellbeing. We can match your horoscope with your prospective partners horoscope to do a compatibility match. People who are not married or are looking for a companion for them we can pinpoint favorable periods where they can find a partner or possibly get married. 



This is an ideal service for a person seeking astrological consultation on a particular issue and wants to get an answer quickly. The question could be related with your health, work, money or relationship.




This is the most comprehensive reading we provide. We analyze and predict on all the facets of your chart, namely your personality, relationships, education, work, children, investment and income. The study can help you lead a more meaningful life by channelizing your energies into the direction most beneficial to you.



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