Astrology / Jyotish

Astrology / Jyotish

We all have heard the phrase "pre destined", but have you really tried to find out what is pre destined in your life and how is it going to play out? Believe it or not, your destiny can be revealed to you based on your birth time and place, and we are not just talking about your personality and character, but very specific events in your life. 

Vedic astrology or jyotish has the capability to accurately pin point events in your life that can range from life changing to almost mundane. Events like marriage, job change, childbirth, purchase of a  house, relocation etc can be easily seen through vedic astrology. Most people wonder, if it is predestined then why do we need to know? My answer to that is very simple, if it is a positive event, it will give you motivation in life and something to look forward to. On the contrary, if it is a negative event, then it prepares and enables you to take action accordingly. 

We all know that life is never static, it has its ebbs and flows and with the help of astrology our endeavor is to make your life less rocky so you have a smooth sailing.

May lord Ganesha always guide you in your life's journey.

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